Our Story

Since John Butterfield first opened our doors back in 1977, we’ve built lasting and lifelong relationships with our customers the world over. People are at the heart of what we do. We are trusted, because of the sterling service and expert craftmanship we provide. At JPB Jewellery, we never say no to a request before we’ve exhausted all possibilities. We always strive to make things work.

We're a family-run business and the workbench lies at our core.

What we make, we make with passion, dedication, innovation and over 200 years’ combined experience. Our skilled working jewellers use modern and traditionalmethods and tools including blowpipe techniques, casting, cutting and welding, we embrace it all.

Simply put, at JPB Jewellery we love making jewellery - whether we're selling, servicing, finding or making it for you.

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